Drama Fun Workshops (Primary Schools)


An introduction to any subject, using play and story drama to introduce new schemes of work to younger pupils.

From Tudors to Egyptians, Explorers and Science we can offer a unique opportunity to look at specific areas in an eventful, memorable manner and spark discussion and debate to take back into the classroom

Our workshops for schools are tailored to suit every Key Stage. The pupils require no prior knowledge of the subject, in fact we actively encourage teachers not to reveal anything before we arrive (particularly to younger audiences).

The sessions are designed to offer a bespoke interactive workshop where we can meet your own schools requirements. Thus we can simply focus on any subject.

All of our workshops are it easy to understand, enjoyable, relevant and, above all else, fun!

To discuss your needs and book, email blackboxtheatre@live.co.uk or call 07752 522 279